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BITC_LogoNigel is a regular contributor and trainer for the BITC’s CR Management Programme and delivers the module on on CR Risk and Materiality.

The course, created by Corporate Balance, introduces a risk framework which is designed to help candidates understand the risk and opportunities present in the field of Corporate Responsibility.

Building on that framework, it also walks candidates through how to determine the most important issues for their business. In addition, it helps candidates begin the process of ensuring that appropriate structures are in place to govern corporate responsibility risk and opportunities within their own business.

It includes the following elements:

• A practical walk through of a materiality assessment of corporate responsibility issues

• A detailed set of tools and techniques for delivering a materiality assessment

• Learning how to align those tools with existing management processes

• Learning how to use risk analysis to present a strong business case for corporate responsibility

• How to apply a business case study to bring it to life

• Using appropriate levels of governance for various business risks

For further information on future course dates, please refer to the BITC website.