Responsible Investment

As part of our Responsible Investment service we offer support at every stage throughout the investment process at a variety of levels, including ESG assessments of portfolio companies.

Whether you have already begun an approach to responsible investment, or started to address your portfolio ESG issues, we can support you along the journey; or if you are new to the world of responsible investment we can advise on steps to make the transition easier. We offer a sensible and pragmatic approach to offsetting your responsibilities in this area and have been commended by our private equity clients for bringing clarity to an unfamiliar discipline.

We work with a number of private equity firms in the following areas:

  • Policy: support in drafting an ESG policy for communication to investee companies and investors
  • Due Diligence: Completing ESG due diligence of new investee companies
  • Assessments: Completing investee company ESG assessments
  • Reporting: Completing annual portfolio ESG reports







We are happy to offer flexibility in our approach to ensure we meet your specific requirements. Read more about our work