Royal Mail – Developing an Environment Strategy

royalmaillogoWe worked with Royal Mail Group for two years to help create and implement their new Environment Strategy. One of our key successes from this project was that we collated all the Group’s environmental activities into one, succinct and cohesive strategy, which was endorsed by the Group’s board. This was a first for the Group and it provided a comprehensive overview of all environment-related activities.

In order to achieve this, we created a stakeholder engagement programme in collaboration with the environmental team at Royal Mail. We undertook senior level interviews throughout the business to outline the current status on a variety of environmental pillars such as carbon, waste, water, supply chain and biodiversity. These findings were then used as a benchmark against the Group’s industry peers before finally being used to agree targets to help move the business forward.

We’re proud of our success with the Royal Mail Group and pleased that this project led onto further work, including working with them to create a new environment brand and creating a waste communications strategy. This involved liaising with a design agency and working with them to develop the brand further.

Key to our success with Royal Mail Group was Nigel’s in-depth CR and sustainability experience, which led to a further 18 month contract to provide interim cover for the Group Sustainability Manager. This was a great opportunity to embed ourselves within the team at Royal Mail Group to help deliver on some of the goals within the Environment Strategy.

RMG Head of Sustainability

Nigel was brought in to support me with developing a sustainability strategy for Royal Mail Group. Although initially a short-term contract Nigel has now been providing support for 18 months, in this time he has drafted our sustainability strategy, completed a materiality exercise and supported me across a number of day-to-day activities. His strengths are an appreciation of the commercial realities of embedding sustainability practices, the ability to flex an approach to meet our needs and responsiveness to a changing brief. I have no hesitation in recommending Nigel to help guide a business through development and execution of responsible business practices.”