CR Starter Kit

At Corporate Balance, we’re passionate about helping businesses to create and grow their Corporate Responsibility Strategy, and we’re proud that a number of our clients – large and small – began their CR journey with us. These businesses recognized the need to ‘grasp the nettle’ and realise the benefits that proactive CR management can bring.

Although no two businesses are the same, our experience in helping to introduce CR into a wide variety of organisations has led to the development of a defined Corporate Responsibility Starter Kit – everything an organisation needs to get going – all within a fixed price and fast tracked.

What’s included?

The CR Starter Kit includes everything needed to define and communicate what a responsible and sustainable business looks like for your organisation.

It will help you to:

  • Enhance your reputation as a responsible brand
  • Begin realising cost saving benefits
  • Increase staff engagement levels
  • Manage risk and deliver opportunities

The CR Starter Kit has been designed to produce the following outputs:

  • An appropriate Governance Structure – ensuring you can manage CR issues in a robust way
  • A Corporate Responsibility Policy – helping you to communicate your CR vision across a variety of stakeholders
  • An Outline Corporate Responsibility Strategy – creating your CR vision, goals and KPIs for delivery aligned to your business strategy
  • An outline of key risks and opportunities – ensuring that significant CR risks are proactively identified and managed

You receive ownership of all outputs ensuring your organisation can distribute, copy and reproduce all material as necessary; it can also be further tailored to suit your specific needs if required.

No prior knowledge of CR is required and you will be guided through the process by one of our specialist consultants who can provide support as and when its needed.

Need more than a Starter Kit?

Corporate Balance also has the capability and track record to take organisations beyond the basics by offering more advanced package solutions. Please click here for more information, or contact us to discuss your requirements.